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David Bedford

David Bedford signs his autograph

David Bedford in RehearsalDavid Bedford poses for a photo with a performing arts student at Oaks Park High School, Newbury Park David Bedford was the ideal person to lead these workshops. It was David himself who invented the concept of the music theatre workshop in schools, back in the 1960s. He is well-known as a musician spanning the worlds of both classical music and pop; amongst the many songs he has arranged is Madness's 'Our House', and in the seventies he orchestrated Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells.

David is the grandson of the Edwardian composer Liza Lehmann, who is mentioned in Sylvia Pankhurst's History of the Suffragette Movement as having written (with Ethel Smythe) the music for one of the big WSPU marches in 1911. David himself wrote a piece about Sylvia Pankhurst called My Mother, My Sister and I in 1999, with a libretto by Allison Powell.


Born in London to a musical family, David Bedford began composing at the age of 7. He studied with composer Lennox Berkeley at the Royal Academy of Music from 1958-61, and spent the next the next two years in Italy studying with composer Luigi Nono and at RAI Electronic Music Studio. David has always been involved with youth music education and interactive music. He was appointed Youth Music Director of the English Sinfonia in 1986 and Composer-in-Association in 1994. His many contributions to youth music range from small pieces for very young pupils, to seven school operas. He is frequently involved with student creative workshops and composition projects in the UK and abroad.

Pictured: Composer David Bedford, with students at Oaks Park High School & Specialist Music College, Newbury Park, Essex HLF logo