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Over the garden wall

During the late 1930s my family were neighbours of the Pankhursts in Woodford Green. My brother was then about 10 and I was 8, and part of our garden was adjacent to the end of the Pankhursts' garden. Conversations were often had and for some juvenile reason the relationship varied from good to not so good; I have no idea why. Children are funny creatures; we were anyway. My brother and I had an air gun and Richard once asked us to show him one of our darts. He had a climbing frame on his side of the fence and we had a first world war bell tent.  We shot a dart into his climbing frame and he took it to his mother; we were rightly told off for shooting at him. 
There were times of friendship and we were once asked into the house for a cup of tea, when we noticed a goat that we had seen in the garden, walking around the dining room. It seemed quite natural.

We had many a battle of throwing things at each other. My brother was once rather aggravated by Richard heaving a hunk of wet clay over the fence and it happened to hit me. Rather messy but otherwise a natural thing to do. I forget how we retaliated but with some other dastardly deed, no doubt!

This relationship went on until we moved in 1940 as our house was hit by some bombs.  We did not return until 1942.

GEOFFREY LUSTY of William Lusty & Sons, is the grandson of William Lusty, who founded the company in Bromley by Bow in 1880. Originally timber merchants, the company began to manufacture the famous Lloyd Loom furniture in Great Britain in 1917. Now based in the Cotswolds, the company still flourishes

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