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I am a young woman eager for my voice to be heard. Sylvia Pankhurst has shown me that my desire can be fulfilled, so long as I have passion and conviction. This year, I am being thrown into the big wide world: two very important things are happening to me. Firstly, I am turning eighteen. I have already been sent my Voter Registration pack. Secondly, I am going away to study at University knowing that once I have my qualifications, I shall be able to pursue my chosen professional career.

When considering these two stepping-stones in my life, I can’t help but think about the struggle of the Suffragettes during the early 20th century. Due to their devotion to social change, females like me are able to vote and to achieve our desired professional positions in the world. For this, I feel eternally grateful and privileged. Females of the 21st century are the dream and the product of Sylvia Pankhurst’s pursuits… we are inextricably connected with her.

DIANA KURAKINA is a student in London

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