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List of archive resources relating to Sylvia Pankhurst

The Women's Library, London Metropolitan University, 25 Old Castle Street, London E1 7NT  +44 (0)20 7320 2222

This collection is available for research. Readers are advised to contact the Women's Library in advance of their first visit

The Women's Library
The Women's Library
London Metropolitan University

The archive consists of articles and essays by Sylvia Pankhurst, her prison discharge notice of 1914, and her correspondence relating to the International Ethiopian Council. The archive also includes articles by her son, Richard Pankhurst, and the correspondence of her daughter-in-law, Rita Pankhurst, relating to Sylvia Pankhurst.

The main body of Sylvia Pankhurst’s papers, as inherited by her son, are held at the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam, although some still remain in private hands. The papers in Amsterdam have all been microfilmed and copies are available in The Women’s Library Reading Room.

0.5 A box (5 folders)

Box 1
Drafts of articles and essays by Sylvia Pankhurst, press cuttings, conference programme and leaflet
Consists of:
*Programme for an international conference, 10-11 Jun 1936 'Save Ethiopia and vindicate the principle of collective security'
*Press cuttings:
- 'What will women want next!' from 'Sunday Chronicle' 30 Dec 1934, by HW Seaman
- 'Women have justified their freedom' from 'Daily Herald' 3 May 1936, by Sylvia Pankhurst
- 'Voicing a protest' from 'Weekly Illustrated' 9 Nov 1935
- 'Women who won' from 'Weekly Illustrated' 16 Mar 1935
- 'Sylvia Pankhurst addresses a few words to the women electors' from 'Birmingham Gazette' 13 Nov 1935

- 'The story of the Mothers' House: The ideal maternity home of the future' (Sylvia Pankhurst was a patron)

*Typescript drafts of articles by Sylvia Pankhurst:
- 'Wanted, an Englishman: the nationality of married women'
- 'The suburban woman'
- 'The soldier's wife'
- 'Women under Hitler and Mussolini'
- 'An Englishwoman to American friends'
- 'The Rumanian woman at home'
-'Queen Marie of Rumania'
- 'Women under Fascism'
- 'Emily Wilding Davidson'
- 'Freedom or Dictatorship? An appeal to women'
- 'Make the league of nations genuine'
- 'Abyssinia: a Christian country joins the Red Cross'
- 'Women under Fascism'
- 'Women and the war: the restoration of human values'
- 'Another milestone in the knowledge of the universe: the man who supersedes Einstein'
- 'My greatest hour'
- 'Women and dictatorship'
- 'What modern Ethiopia had achieved before the Italian invasion'

25 items; c.1920-c.1950

Box 1

Articles by Richard Pankhurst relating to his mother, Sylvia Pankhurst
Two articles:
*'Suffragette sisters in old age: unpublished correspondence between Christabel and Sylvia Pankhurst', Offprint from 'Women's History Review' (Volume 10, Number 3, 2001)
*'An early anti-fascist organisation: the Women's International Matteotti Committee', Unpublished typescript

2 items; c.2000

Box 1

Letters from Sylvia Pankhurst to Mrs Currie
Consists of:
*Original letter from Sylvia Pankhurst on behalf of The International Ethiopian Council to Mrs Currie regarding a poster parade 'on the serious situation in relation to Somali and Ogaden' in Apr 1948; photocopies of further letters from Sylvia Pankhurst to Mrs Currie on behalf of the Council and the New Times and Ethiopia News, relating to campaigning activities, and also on behalf of the Princess Tsahai Memorial Hospital relating to fundraising activities.

*Press cutting:
- Photocopy of an illustration from the 'New Times and Ethiopia News' of a poster parade about Italian fascist 'war crimes', 22 Jun 1946

8 items; 22 Jun 1946 - 25 May 1950

Box 1
Prison discharge notice to Sylvia Pankhurst
Under prisoners temporary discharge for ill-health Act, 1913.

1 item; 10 Jan 1914

Box 1

Correspondence between Rita Pankhurst and Mrs Cripps
Relating to family history and the adoption of children by members of the Pankhurst family, (1986); original correspondence relating to the adoption of a baby by Mrs McKenna, (1918).

1 folder; c.1918-1986