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Archive resources relating to Sylvia Pankhurst

Central Library, Clements Road, Ilford, Essex IG1 1EA  020 8708 2417

The Women's Library
Redbridge Local Studies Library is on the second floor of the Central Library building
in Ilford, next to Redbridge Museum

Redbridge Local Studies Library has miscellaneous useful resources for people interested in Sylvia Pankhurst and her ideas. These include the following:

- local newspapers containing her correspondence with Sir Winston Churchill
- books by and about Sylvia
- Sylvia Ayling’s archive on Sylvia Pankhurst’s life and ideas, and their dissemination in the modern world

We can show you how to get easily and quickly by public transport to sites in Woodford associated with Sylvia Pankhurst.

Ethel Haslam and the Ilford WSPU
There was a large and active Ilford & District Branch of the WSPU (Women's Social & Political Union), which for some time retained a sympathetic connection with Sylvia’s work in the East End. The history of these women has been told in a book by Patricia Heron: The Life of Ethel Haslam: Ilford’s Suffragette, available at £5.95 from the Local Studies Library. The author gives occasional guided tours of suffragette-connected sites locally.