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List of archive resources relating to Sylvia Pankhurst

The LSE Library, London School of Economics and Political Science
10 Portugal Street, London WC2A 2HD  +44 (0)20 7955 7223

LSE Library Archive

The LSE Library
London School of Economics
and Political Science

Items in the LSE collections include correspondence and published material relating to Sylvia Pankhurst (deposited there by her son Dr Richard Pankhurst); and another set of material relating to Sylvia Pankhurst’s friend the social campaigner, journalist and politician George Lansbury.

The Sylvia Pankhurst archive contains some personal letters connected with key points in her life and the whole set of journals, the Ethiopia Observer (from the 1950s), founded and published by Sylvia Pankhurst and later taken over by Dr Richard Pankhurst.

Download a complete list here (it opens as a PDF file) of items relating to Sylvia Pankhurst contained in the LSE Library Archive.

See also this link relating to the Celebrating Sylvia Pankhurst project in 2008, where students were given a tour of the LSE Archive and enjoyed a workshop relating to some of Sylvia Pankhurst's letters.