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Correspondence between Winston Churchill and Sylvia Pankhurst

The Churchill Archives Centre
Churchill College, Cambridge CB3 0DS
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Director: Allen Packwood

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The Women's Library
The Churchill Archives, Cambridge

Winston Churchill became MP for West Essex or Epping from 1924, the year Sylvia moved to Woodford. When his constituency split in 1945, Churchill continued as MP for Woodford Green until his retirement in 1964. (Sylvia had left for Addis Ababa in 1956, where she died in 1960.)

As one of Churchill's most vociferous constituents, Sylvia corresponded with him at length over Italian aggression in Abyssinia, about Franco's forces in Spain and also about fascist threats much closer to home – for example, attacks on Jews in London's East End and on anyone seen to be supporting them. Churchill and Pankhurst shared a strong objection to fascism, but while Churchill's main concern was the threat of German dictatorship, Sylvia urged him to pay more attention to the dangers from Italy.

Items may be found in these folders in the Churchill Archives:

CHAR 7/21 Political: Constituency, Epping [Essex]: correspondence P. Jan 1935 – Dec. 1935

CHAR 7/32 Political: Constituency, Epping [Essex]: correspondence O–R. Jan 1936 – Dec. 1936

CHAR 7/40 Political: Constituency, Epping [Essex]: correspondence P. Jan 1937 – Dec. 1937

CHAR 7/48 Political: Constituency, Epping [Essex]: correspondence M–P. Jan 1938 – Dec. 1938

CHAR 7/58 Political: Constituency, Epping [Essex]: correspondence O–R. 03 Jan 1939 – 08 Aug. 1939

CHAR 2/68A–B Public and Political: General: Political: correspondence D–H. May 1946 – Dec. 1948 

Further correspondence between Pankhurst and Churchill (Woodford Times, April 1936) may be found in Redbridge Local Studies Archive.