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This is a list of available books about Sylvia Pankhurst with links for you to buy them from recommended sources. Some lower down the list are out of print, but can be obtained second-hand.

Sylvia Pankhurst - A Maverick LifeSylvia Pankhurst, Citizen of the World

Shirley Harrison, edited by Susan Homewood

A very readable and concise account of the great work done by this formerly neglected heroine. Evidence here successfully upholds the claim that Sylvia was the most interesting of the Pankhurst women and, arguably, the most effective. Contains numerous examples of Sylvia's paintings and art work, interesting photos, and additional illustrations by Nic Watts.

Sue Johnson, Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Worcester, writes:
'…An interesting window into social and political life in the late-19th to mid-20th century. As the author suggests, it is time to re-examine Sylvia Pankhurst's place in history – and not only has she done that rather well, but she has offered a purposeful template for the exploration of the many other remarkable women in history.'
Review in HerStoria magazine, Autumn 2009

ISBN 978-0-9553963-2-8
Paperback 240x168mm, 48pp
Full colour throughout

Buy directly from Hornbeam Publishing Limited  or at your local bookshop.

Sylvia Pankhurst - A Maverick LifeSylvia Pankhurst – A Classroom Companion

Shirley Harrison, edited by Talvinder Bhullar

For secondary school classroom use; KS3 history students
This Classroom Companion, presenting Sylvia's story in connection with some major 20th century themes, offers history students at Key Stage 3 and upwards the ideal opportunity to learn how to assess historical significance. With plenty of fascinating pictures, the text guides students through a set of interesting tasks to evaluate evidence, develop judgment skills and assess historical significance in line with the requirements of the UK National Curriculum.
A4 size with clear type, attractive layout and beautiful pictures. Excellent deals are available for schools making multiple purchases: see Hornbeam Publishing's special offers.

Buy directly from Hornbeam Publishing Limited  or from your usual supplier.
Download full review by Sue Johnson, Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Worcester (Herstoria magazine, Autumn 2009)

In Association with Pankhurst - A Maverick LifeSylvia Pankhurst – A Maverick Life 1882–1956

Shirley Harrison

Originally published as a hardback in 2003 as Sylvia Pankhurst, a Crusading Life 1882–1956 by Aurum Press

– Sunday Times
'A mighty tale indeed… Shirley Harrison has presented an impeccably researched and pleasingly accessible account'
– Manchester Evening News

Sylvia Pankhurst: a Maverick Life is available through this website at the reduced price of £4 + £1 p&p within the UK. If you would like to buy the book, click here for more information.

Used copies of the original hardback version may be found on Amazon (click on link above book icon)

In Association with for EthiopiaSylvia Pankhurst: Counsel for Ethiopia

Dr Richard Pankhurst

(Paperback - 1 Jan 2003)

An account of Sylvia's life between the years 1934 and 1960, in which she developed a complex relationship with Ethiopia as she campaigned against Fascism in Europe and Africa.

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In Association with Pankhurst: Artist and CrusaderSylvia Pankhurst: Artist & Crusader

Dr Richard Pankhurst

(Paddington, 1979)

A biography of Sylvia's earlier life that focuses on her paintings

Now out of print but available second-hand. Find this book on Amazon (click on link above book icon)