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Recent Publications

Sylvia Pankhurst, Citizen of the World
Harrison, Shirley; Hornbeam Publishing Limited, 2009

Sylvia Pankhurst, a Classroom Companion
Harrison, Shirley, ed. Bhullar, Talvinder; Hornbeam Publishing Limited, 2009

Sylvia and Christabel Pankhurst
Castle, Barbara; Penguin, 1987

Sylvia Pankhurst: A Life in Radical Politics
Davis, Mary; 1999

A Sylvia Pankhurst Reader
Dodd, Kathryn (ed.); MUP, 1993

Stepping Stones to Women’s Liberty
Garner, L; Heinemann, 1984

Separate Spheres – the Opposition to Women’s Suffrage in Britain
Harrison, B; Croom Helm, 1978

Sylvia Pankhurst: A Crusading Life 1882–1956
Harrison, Shirley; Aurum Press 2003 (reprinted in paperback as Sylvia Pankhurst: A Maverick Life 1882–1956); 2004

Women’s Suffrage & Reform Politics in Britain 1900–1918
Holton, S; Cambridge University Press, 1986

With One Hand Tied Behind Us
Liddington, J & Norris, J; Virago, 1978

Women on the Warpath
Mitchell, D; Jonathan Cape, 1965

Sylvia Pankhurst: Artist and Crusader
Pankhurst, Richard K; Paddington Press, 1979

The National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies
Parker Home, L; Garland,1982

The Pankhursts
Pugh, M; Allen Lane, 2001

Women and the Women’s Movement in Britain 1914–1959
Pugh, M; Macmillan, 1992

Emmeline Pankhurst : a biography
Purvis, June; London: Routledge, 2002

The Petticoat Rebellion
Ramelson, M; Lawrence & Wishart, 1972

E. Sylvia Pankhurst: Portrait of a Radical
Romero, Patricia; Yale University Press, 1987
(NB Rita Pankhurst's paper 'Sylvia Pankhurst in Perspective; some comments on Patricia Romero's biography' was written in response to this book. This paper (Women's Studies Int. Forum Vol 11 no.3, 1988) may be found in the Women's Library, London)

In Letters of Gold; the story of Sylvia Pankhurst and the East London Federation of the Suffragettes in Bow
Taylor, Rosemary; Stepney Books, 1993

Sylvia Pankhurst: Sexual Politics & Political Activism
Winslow, Barbara; UCL Press, 1966

Earlier publications

The Suffragette
Pankhurst, E. Sylvia; Sturgis & Walton 1911

Housing and the Workers’ Revolution
Pankhurst, E. Sylvia; WSF, 1918?

India and the Earthly Paradise
Pankhurst, E. Sylvia; Sunshine Publishing House, Bombay

The Home Front
Pankhurst, E. Sylvia; Mayflower Press 1932

The Life of Emmeline Pankhurst
Pankhurst, E. Sylvia; Laurie 1935

The Suffragette Movement
Pankhurst, E. Sylvia (1931); Virago 1977

Unshackled – The Story of How We Won the Vote
Pankhurst, Christabel; Hutchinson 1959

The Hidden Scourge
Pankhurst, Christabel

My Own Story
Pankhurst, Emmeline; Virago, 1979