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This website has been created as an interactive resource for those who would like to learn more about Sylvia Pankhurst. Not a lot of information about this important twentieth-century figure has been so readily available in the past, and we are indebted to the UK’s Heritage Lottery Fund for making this website and other Sylvia Pankhurst Festival activities possible.

On this site you will find a wealth of material supplied by the Redbridge Museum, the Museum of London, the International Institute of Social History, the LSE Library Archive and various private individuals. Additional images are reproduced by courtesy of Dr Richard Pankhurst, Shirley Harrison, Lynx Theatre & Poetry and Hornbeam Publishing Limited.

This website was conceived and created by Susan Homewood for Hornbeam Publishing Limited, and designed by James West for Create/Reject. © Copyright 2008 by Hornbeam Publishing Limited.


We are a charitable organisation based in Woodford, Essex, formed in 2007 to celebrate the life and work of Sylvia Pankhurst (1882–1960) who made Woodford from 1924 until 1956 when she emigrated to Ethiopia.

Our activities began in July 2007 with a highly successful festival weekend. It was held in Woodford and visitors came from all over Britain and Europe. Soon after this we were awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund grant to continue further activities – our ultimate aim being to see Sylvia Pankhurst recognised objectively for her importance in world history. The Festival in July 2007 comprised a number of events including an afternoon of talks by notable speakers fronted by Professor Germaine Greer, a display about Sylvia Pankhurst by the Redbridge Museum and a biographical play by Bridget Wood. The Heritage Lottery Funded project 'Celebrating Sylvia Pankhurst', which followed, included an extended exhibition at Redbridge Museum, workshops for schools in history, citizenship, drama and music and the publication of an illustrated book for schools relating to Key Stage 3 in the National Curriculum for History. You can read all about these activities here. Our partners in these activities were Redbridge Museum in the London Borough of Redbridge, and Hornbeam Publishing Limited.

We now run an information service via this website, connecting those wanting to know more about Sylvia Pankhurst with the wealth of fascinating resources available.

The Trustees are Gerard Greene, Steve Harris, Nicola Hayes, Maureen Hoskins and Susan Homewood (Administrator). Please contact us by e-mail.

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